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Watch interviews and footage from GMY#10 by Clubit TV and photos from the event!
Indie PR for indie companies! We aim to support the UK indie games sector by helping companies get the word out. Whether it's a press release, managing social media, content creation, or anything in between.
We make these official Minecraft iOS apps: Minecraft Explorer Pro, Minecraft Skin Studio and Minecraft Papercraft Studio; check 'em out!
Freelance developer, writer and UX person. I make games (cubd-game.com), sites, apps and awesome interactive infographics.
Yorkshire Independant Games Developer and educator in Stencylworks software.
Nutter666 - a Flash game developer.
Freelance Professional Games Developer, Animator, Digital Tutor, Amateur Photographer
Game Audio. Working alongside Allister Brimble at Orchestral Media Developments.
Indie game developers. Creator of Appy Cards - Features Patience, Fourteens & more. All Android apps here http://goo.gl/dEHPy
Games studio founded by @arifmajothi (ex film-industry and lover of old Sierra classics). Creators of Anaksha and Super Pixel Jet Fighter.
We are a small independent games studio based at Platform Studios in Hull.
Game developer based in Sheffield, UK.
I make pixels go KABOOM! It's fun :D
Gecko Studios Ltd. is the trading name for the freelance work of Gary Bendelow. Offering a full CGI production service in-house or remotely.
We are a team of indie developers from the University of Hull who like to make video games that are generally a lot of fun.
Freelance Game Development by day, Indie Dev in my spare/free time
Blimation - Animator/Artist/Cartoonist from Bradford
Sheffield based indie developer
Boneloaf is a small independent game studio making experimental multiplayer and co-op party games.
Making Innovative iOS software.
A small team of ambitious game developers working on Yes, Your Grace - a unique blend of text-based and strategy-oriented gameplay.
SubvertGames is a indie game development team made by two people working on "Of Guards And Thieves, a Multiplayer Stealth Tactical Action game.
Cat Trap Studios is based in Barnsley, developing mobile games for Android, iOS and PlayStation Mobile. Also available for programming contract work. Love making games and bad jokes.
We are one of the UK’s leading developers of educational games, interactive multimedia, mobile games, and websites. Crucial Interactive is a specialist publisher of digital animated games for young people
DFour Games is a one man - Bartosz Debski, Indie development studio. Founded in 2010.  
Gamers, Creators, Designers, Dreamers, Mavericks. Join us as we journey through the secret realm of indie games dev.
Formed 2007 to exploit the growing divergence of the game market. Located in Sheffield, England. Devil's Details is a member of Game Republic and Tiga.
The Digilocker is the home of Jonny Shaw, Freelance Designer. Specializing in UI design & development, but does like to dabble!
Digital Chestnut is an independent game developer and creator of The Trouble With Robots
An Indie Game Development Studio
Developer of high-end 3D sports games for mobiles and tablets. Our games include Rugby Nations, Downhill Xtreme, Football Kicks and Hockey Nations.
Double Eleven is a developer and publisher of video games, focusing on strong relationships with indie studios.
Illustrator, games artist and all round good egg!
At Dubit we research, build, and launch digital experiences for kids’ brands. Our kid- centred ideation puts children at the heart of our design process.
We LOVE making arcade games for you & your friends!
Creator of Ghoulish Hijinks. Enchantainment's focus is to develop entertaining video games for all to enjoy, by adding an enchantment or two!
I'm an award winning, twice BAFTA nominated creative coder based in Leeds.
We make games we care about. We like making fun stuff and trying new things. We want to put a smile on your face.
A small indie studio from Huddersfield, currently developing our first title - Juncture, the first person puzzle platformer, for PC.
Independent Mobile Game Developer - Never Give Up, Always Believe
Flintlock Studios aims to create games that aren't just about winning, but are about the story and the worlds the characters live in.
Sports Director Limited - focussing on the design and development sports management games based on Sport Director's proprietary management game engine
Shplem is a mobile game which has won Best Art at the 2012 Scottish Game Jam and got nominated for the 2012 BAFTA new talent awards.
We make games (our own and other peoples!). Say hello!
FrayedPixel develop games for all different clients and platforms.
Third-party publisher on all platforms. Funbox has an impressive portfolio of titles, distributes to all PAL territories, and has over 50 years of combined experience.
The official feed for Ga-Ma-Yo. Tweets via @andrewcrawshaw
GameDigits Ltd is a company dedicated to creating fun games for mobile devices. We have the expertise and experience to produce top quality games to the highest standard.
Game Paused is an active promotor of Video Game Culture, combining games and art through various projects, products and platforms.
Game Republic is an industry-led, business-focused games network for Yorkshire, north-east and north-west companies. Join us!
Videogames education festival. Inspiring the next generation of British videogame talent.
Games Faction is a British games and app developer for iOS, Mac and PC.
Mobile Backend-as-a-Service for Games. We aim to help developers launch games quickly and for less money. Hit us up to run in the cloud!
Gaslight Games is an independent Video Games developer, based out of Yorkshire, UK.
Gateway Interactive is an independent games company based on the north bank of the River Humber
Specialists in UI & UX design, graphic art, marketing & visibility content development for mobile and converging platforms. Consultancy or end to end design, Go Mobli can help get your app or game moving.
Independent game developer. Creator of Blood, Grain and Steel and Grid Cartographer.
Hammerhead ​VR is an immersive ​virtual reality developer. We create bespoke virtual reality applications, games and experiences for mobile, desktop and console.
Hidden Depth Games is a one man game studio currently making flash games. Based in Sheffield, UK
Premium games industry insight
Invisible Flock are an interactive arts trio. We make performance, public art, installations and games.
Developers of console video games.
I am a small Indie game developer Wanting to make fun and unique games that I want to play and not what I think others want to play.
Swole goon game developer. Working on Ghostlords, a game I can only succinctly describe as FTL meets Pokémon
Freelance talent Lawrence Mann has worked on projects for Sony, Nokia, Mattel, C4 the BBC and more
Independent game developer
iPhone and iPad development
I made a game called The Wizard's Lair. Big fan of retro games and obscure ARPGs.
A team of hugely experienced individuals. Mars on A Stick is an independent software developer ready to take advantage of all emerging digital markets.
One programmer, one artist, one producer, one musician. Making a very slow hash of independent game development.
MentalMoon is an Independant Mobile Game Developer. Orbiting since 2014 with terra headquarters in Ossett, West Yorkshire.
Game Dev, Contractor, Engineer, FDL, Animoto. Slightly mad. Likes Pirates, dislikes Queens.
Indie developer specialising in downloadable PC games
We are a small studio, based in Sheffield, UK. We create fun, playable and engaging games, primarily for mobile devices.
Based in York, New Moon Games is an independent software studio specialising in cutting-edge game, social media and mobile development.
We solve digital problems for our clients. We like working with people who make a difference, from BBC and Channel 4, to the National Lottery Good Causes, NESTA and the NSPCC.
Creator of cartoons, music and animation.
We create apps that your toddler will love, and that you can trust 100%.
Video game developer and technology company based in Sheffield, UK.
Solo developer and game AI researcher, currently developing games for mobile and PC.
Quirky mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Plus retro platform fun!
PaperPlane Interactive is an Independent Media Studio formed by a group of ambitious and creative individuals. The main goal of the company is to create fun and innovative games, as well as to make an impact in the wider digital market.
PitStop is a one stop creative services company operating across a wide range of media and entertainment industries worldwide
Pixel Forge’s vision is to deliver fun, engaging and accessible games to wide range of audiences on a wide range of devices.
Platform Expos // Platform Doha // Platform LAN - This is your one stop shop for all your gaming needs.
We’re Plump, a creative digital agency with an emphasis on usability.
Game and app developer for iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Bada, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and consoles.
We are an interactive agency that designs and develops apps, websites and large scale interactive installations. We love new challenges and we love working on interesting and engaging projects.
Rabid Badger Games is a small independent studio based in South Yorkshire. We specialise in making mobilegames for your enjoyment!
Freelance Fantasy Illustrator. I work on Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft tcg, magic the Gathering ccg, and many more games.
Indie game studio, founded November 2013.
Red Kite Games is a company that consists of highly experienced individuals from a wide range of different backgrounds and disciplines, our team is uniquely placed with both experience and expertise.
Creating exciting new games for Console, PC, and Mobile platforms. Designed and developed by @MartinCaine and Co.
Creators of the Broken Sword and Beneath a Steel Sky adventure games. Founded in 1990, Revolution Software is Europe’s most successful developer of narrative-driven games.
Independent game developers. We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams... Six carefully selected scientists and artists, experts in their respective fields, headed by the mysterious Dr. Tiberius Syntax.
Part of the globally succesful Rockstar label
Route 1 is the destination for owners of the world’s biggest and most valuable IPs. Ground breaking titles reaching global audiences, optimised for all platforms and devices. Creativity delivered with an understanding of commercial realities and a hands-on attitude to service.
Scared Square Games are a small hobby indie video game developer.
Skilled illustrator/designer with over a decade of design experience in such fields as conceptual design, character design and storyboard artist.
Engineering the art of Fun, by developing mobile games and apps.
SHINDIG is a group of indie game developers in around the Sheffield area. We regularly meet up to discuss anything and everything relating to the gaming world.
Sigtrap is a tiny indie developer in the north of England. We make focused, no-fluff games and aim to release our first title, Sublevel Zero, in late 2015
We Are An Indie iOS App Development Company.
Small-Bet provides an SDK for games to allow peer-to-peer challenging, including for real money. It has also developed in-house titles such as Definitions and Free Maze.
Smashed Crab Studio are a creative digital media company that specialise in games development
Sheffield based mobile developer
Games developer, storyteller, gamer. Nina is the name. I'm an indie by night, and work for Rev by day.
Sheffield Hallam University Student Game Studio
Award-nominated writer and game designer. Consultant. Author of Writing for Video Games. Interactive narrative specialist.
Stripey Design is a small, independent development team who craft children's apps that inspire, educate and entertain
Sumo Digital Ltd is an independent game development studio based in Sheffield employing 170+ experienced development staff
Tangentix is dedicated to providing the best possible game delivery experience. We compress finished games 2-4x so they download swiftly, even on slower DSL connections.
We are a fully independent video game developer and publisher responsible for the Worms™ series, Alien Breed and Superfrog.
Team Pesky are working hard to make the funnest fun ever.
TecSport was founded in 2011 to provide an innovative approach to commercially effective social gaming. The company has developed a pioneering cloud based format that is pushing the boundaries of technology and the gaming experience.
Ten24 is a CGI studio providing modelling and rendering services.
Indie games studio based at @PlatformExpos
We design and develop cutting edge technologies based on our wealth of experience. If you love gaming as much as we do, you’ll love TickTock Games.
We're a small independent company making casual games for mobile powered by TidalEngine. Developer of Gravity Animals for iOS.
Experimental one man games studio
Science & Technology Studies (STS) PhD student by day, strategy/roguelike/4x game developer by night.
We Make Video Games and cool Apps!
Experience designers & cross platform game goodness, with added narrative. Producer of Chromaroma, Such Tweet Sorrow, Half The Sky and more.
VitalyM Games. A really small indie game studio led by Vitaly Margevich. Creators of "Road so Far".
Yorkshire-based developer turning ground coffee beans into games since 2007.
We build and run a vurtual world featuring games and TV and shit. Visit us at http://tv.wetgenes.com or taste our stem cells at http://play.4lfa.com
WhatPixelYouOn - creating familiar genres, with unique features!
Now and then video games developer. Still developing games about blowing wind and something else that involves maps.
YesIndieDee is a pint-sized indie games company based in Sheffield. Developing the game Cavian, the tale of a cave-born bird
One bloke ... in his bedroom ... making indie games
Youman Int is a team of Indie developers specializing in 2d platform games.
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