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Watch interviews and footage from GMY#10 by Clubit TV and photos from the event!
Secretary of Bradford Video Game Society, Student
David Smith, Game Designer, aguycalleddave
Dave Allanson
Alex Amsel, Tuna
3D artist
Andrew Crawshaw: thechineseroom, Thunkd, Ga-Ma-Yo
Antony Ward, Freelance Artist, Animator & Writer
Yorskshire lad Anthony Putson
Simon Wood, freelance sound designer and composer
Leeds based audio/composition for games
Clone Zoo, Mister Whippet, Wacky Tackle, Zombie Bash
Maria Arinbjarnar CEO at WeEnrich
Simon Barratt / Four Door Lemon
Jonathan Scott aka Beerman
Gary Bendelow, freelance animator
Bernie Guy, sysadmin at Double Eleven
lone animator hidden in a darkened room
Two-man, part time, devs doing iOS stuff
Brett Laming, does myriad of things at R*Leeds
Carly Street
Ric Lumb, PuttyCAD - freelance games gfx artist
Christie Hanson
Leeds IndieDev at SubvertGames working on Gearscape
of @GotFocusDev
Lee Cherry, Weapons Master at Double Eleven
BovineSoftware's second iOS title
Dave Allanson
Simon Jackson / ZenithMoon Studios - indie dev
Tim Newsome-Ward, Desktop Daydreams Studios
Jonny Shaw, Freelance Graphic Artist, UI Design & Developer
Indie Game Journalism of sorts, follower of Indiegame News
Tim Cooper
Brand-new little sheffield studio making #dashycrashy for iOS
Dan Martin, Production Co-ordinator at @TBFGames
Emma Cooper
Artist, freelance
Richard England
James O'Hare - 3D Artist, likes doing characters, Farfarer on PSN/XBL/Steam
Independent game studio working on Hyphen
General loon who does 2D aka Fee Stewart
3 guys that like to make games
Wannabe Developer, Has-been 2D Artist
Needs no introduction, I hope!
Four Door Lemon
Ten24, Sheffield
The feed for this group. I'll try and follow everyone via this account
Simeon Pashley, allround video game expert. PSN: simeonp
Hudds based T-Shirts
An industry-led, business-focused games network for Yorkshire (run by @seffers007)
Sketchfab CM/Designer at Canalside Studios
Clear Sir Studio, Doncaster
Indie Studio
Ian Hamblin 3D artist specialising in environments
Two man team inc. @Spraydough based in Ripon - iThing / Android
George Bray - I like to play/design vidja games!
Huddersfield Indie Devs working on 'Dream'
Designer, Rockstar Leeds
co-founder Team17, The Blast Furnace. Exec biz/commercial/strategy wrapper for indies, publishers. Making shit happen since 1984
Steve Tagger, Publisher - Tagstar Publishing
James Long, Senior Producer
Just Add Water
Jay Walton, Programmer at R* Leeds
The iPhone half of @geminusporta
Jon Lycett-Smith, Illustrator, Concept Artist, Character Designer etc...
John Pickford of The Pickford Bros
Designer at Canalside Studios
Designer at Team17
Kel Aston, Senior Producer - Team17
Lawrence Mann - freelance Illustrator
Paul Carter
Independent game developer working on Monkey Mofo
Luke Thomas - Composer & Sound Designer
Co-owner and developer at FarSpace Studios
Monkey at Gaslight Games
Mark Ripley, EEi, iOS, Android, Facebook stuff
Martin Caine / Retroburn Game Studios
Rockstar Games Designer
Indie games developer
Bit of everything
Jamie Woodhosue, Mr Qwak
QA, Sony Liverpool
Indie game studio based in York
ninacliff.com, Freelance biz dev @atomicomuk @SwitchGalaxy @tenshiconult @kissltd
Organiser of Teesside Indie Developer Network - TIDN
Concept & 3D artist, President of UBU Video Game Society
Papa's Gong, Independent games developer, based in Sheffield
Phil Lutas, Development Lead + Indie Games Programmer
The both of us, just game dev stuff
Pixel Forge Ltd
York based Indie Game Developer
Qais Patankar; programmer, web developer
Retroburn Game Studios
Game designer, web designer and lecturer of games stuff
Lead designer, TT Fusion
Roger Godfrey, Contract Agile PM and Scrum Master
Steve Burrows, games dev
Roger Womack, personal dev and football
Dubit Limited
Nick Scurfield: Illustrator, Concept Artist, Story-boarder and Character Designer
Jamie Sefton, Managing Director at Game Republic Ltd
Feral games developer @wetgenes
Si Tovey
Hollie Emery, @team17ltd shortest
Ste Pickford of The Pickford Bros
Freelance Writer and Game Designer
Concept artist, lead artist for nellyvision, Technician and Lecturer at Leeds College of Art
Stewart Gilray
Indie game, made by the person Qais Patankar
Tagstar Publishing
Yorkshire based Experienced QA Games Tester
Team Cooper
Andy Gibson, creator of Little Acorns and who knows what else
Teesside Indie Developer Network - TIDN
Andrew Pointon TCKSOFT www.tcksoft.co.uk
Manager at Pixel Forge Games, Game Programmer
TickTock Games in Horbury
Digital illustrator and mischief-maker for hire
Travis Ryan; thinker, maker & breaker of things @dumplingdesign
Dave Wilson Ex Industry Game Art lecturer
Mark Johnson
Adrian Hirst - owner of Weaseltron - experienced provider of development services
Jon Lycett-Smith, Illustrator, Concept Artist, Character Designer
Kriss Blank, feral games developer
Yorkshire Rifles - One bloke ... in his bedroom ... making indie games
Simon Jackson / ZenithMoon Studios - indie dev
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