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UK Game Developer Events
Listings for game developer focussed events in Yorkshire and around the UK (including news on our own Ga-Ma-Yo events).

Find one close to you and go and start meeting other local game developers!

Ga-Ma-Yo is a chance for local game developers to mingle and get to know one another.

Just turn up, grab a drink, and meet interesting people. We'll be encouraging local devs to show off what they're working on (informally - we don't do presentations), so feel free to bring laptops / phones / tablets to show off your work-in-progress or recent creations to anyone interesting that you bump into on the night. Don't forget your business cards.

Highlights from Ga-Ma-Yo #7 November 2014 (Current Event)

Highlights from Ga-Ma-Yo #6 April 2014 (Album of 100 Photos)

Highlights from Ga-Ma-Yo #5 November 2013 (Album of 62 Photos)

Highlights from Ga-Ma-Yo #4 April 2013 (Archived 100% Indie Article by Spanner Spencer)
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Ga-Ma-Yo (Game Makers, Yorkshire) is an informal network of people that make videogames in and around Yorkshire.
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