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It's for all kinds of game makers; pros, hobbyists, and freelancers. It's for people that consider themselves part of the games industry, for those that occasionally work on games (maybe as part of an agency), and for those that make games independently (either on their own or as part of a team).
There's a hotbed of talent in the area and we want to bring all of these people together to form a network that helps to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and mutual support. Most of our activity takes place on Facebook and Twitter. GAMAYO is for anyone in Yorkshire that makes games - console games, handheld games, PC games, browser games, mobile games, tablet games, iTV games, board games, location based games... You'll be making games full-time, part-time, or in your own time. It's aimed at the individuals that make games rather than companies.
  • A lone game creator looking for potential collaborators to co-develop games with.
  • A freelancer looking to network and find new contracts.
  • A local games studio looking to meet local talent.
  • An indie developer looking for occasional help, or feedback from their peers.
  • A remote worker that doesn't get an opportunity to have a post-work beer and to talk 'shop' with their colleagues.
  • Someone already working in the games industry that wants to expand their network.
  • Someone that occasionally works on games as part of their job.
The Small Print
  • Email addresses will NOT be shared with 3rd parties.
    There are no hard and fast rules about being in West Yorkshire. If you live here, work here, or are near enough to attend meet ups, then that's good enough for us.
  • Recruitment agencies are NOT welcome. We're happy to announce local jobs or local talent seeking work via Twitter.
  • You should be someone that has released a game, or is working on one right now, on any platform, digital or analogue (board game makers are welcome).
  • We recommend that students attend network events that they can access via their University (such as Game Republic) - unless they have already released one or more games, in which case Ga-Ma-Yo welcomes them.
  • If in doubt, drop us a line :)
  • Ga-Ma-Yo is organised by Andrew Crawshaw, a Leeds lad that has spent the last 17 years working for/with games developers in Yorkshire, and more recently started his own company "Thunkd".
  • Ga-Ma-Yo is not a commercial venture, and it is aimed at individuals not companies.